Having Dysport/Botox done or fillers can cause bruises. Even ultherapy and microneedling can do it, although rarely. So what can you do to minimize this?

About 1 week before, stop taking ibuprofen, fish oil, or omegas. If you take blood thinners or aspirin for your health, then DO NOT STOP taking these prior to your cosmetic procedure. You will bruise more, but it is better to stay safe by continuing to take those medicines for other health reasons.

You can also purchase Arnica tablets at the pharmacy (over the counter) and take them 3-4 times per day for 3-4 days before your procedure. Then continue for 3-4 days after.

Last but not least, we carry a concealer that is MADE FOR COVERING BRUISES. Seriously, this stuff will cover anything. It comes in a ton of shades, and we can match your color right here in the spa so you will be well-equipped to hide the evidence!!

Bruises happen. It's a lousy reality we must accept in this industry. Hopefully these tips will get you through!!!

-Dr. Bessie

Hydration & Massage

Deep tissue massage is amazing, but man it can be intense!!! The best way to prepare for a great massage is to hydrate like crazy! Coming into your massage treatment well-hydrated will make the experience more relaxing. It naturally loosens your fascia, which makes your muscles and other tissues more malleable. Plus, it will prevent dizziness or even headaches that can occur after a really good, therapeutic massage. Hydrating before and after helps to wash out lactic acid released from tense muscles, which means you won't have soreness later. So drink up! And then come in for a visit!

Why Date Night @ Derma!

Sam was almost one year old before Tim and I realized we had forgotten something REALLY important. Us.

I remember after Josie was born (now 6 years old), it took a long time for Tim and I to figure out that it was OK, and necessary, to have time for ourselves. We seemed to have forgotten this again when Sam was born.

I don't think this applies just to us, thank goodness. I believe most parents go through periods just after having a child in which they are so focused on keeping their new little being alive and happy, that they neglect themselves.

I see so many clients as they are just coming out of this phase and they are reconnecting with themselves, wanting to pay more attention to feeling good and feeling like they look good, and getting used to giving themselves some goodies! It is a whole different animal, however, to reconnect with your partner after this infant stage. For Tim and I, it took 1 year to realize that we needed to carve out time to spend together. This need definitely competed with our feelings of guilt with leaving the kids with other people, and our exhaustion and lack of energy to plan such things. Regardless, we started this process of coming back together, for, as parenting experts tell us every day, one of the most important ways to nurture strong children is to be a strong couple.

So now the next challenge: what the heck do we do on date night?

Initially, we went to a few of our favorite high-end restaurants to indulge,  it was so nice to have an adult dinner, be able to linger over wine, not rush through appetizers, stay longer than having the kids with us would allow, and feel relaxed and pampered. Quickly we realized, however, that our budget was not going to support this every single time! So, on to the next idea.

Tim suggested that we go out for a movie. I seriously could not remember the last time I went out to see a movie, no joke. I didn't even know that they had reclining seats in the theaters! I was so resistant to the idea because it seemed like 2 hours of wasted time that I could be doing something else (yes, I'm type A, how did you know?). Eventually I tried it, and wow. Just wow. You mean we get to sit and hold hands in air conditioning eating snacks and being entertained and totally indulging in the fact that we are "wasting" 2 hours of time? Yes please!

Tim and I have now had to be very creative about date nights. Here's some of the things we've done:

Get some sandwiches or taco truck and go to a park with a blanket and just relax. Bring coats!

Go to a casino and have dinner, then play penny-slots.

Go to a friends house for double date night.

Take a walk downtown and just eat spontaneously at wherever looks good.

Dinner at the movies: There are a couple of options here. You can go to the theater in Centralia (The Olympic Club) where you can have food and beer while you watch,
Or you can indulge in some junk food at the regular theater (I'm a fan of the nachos!)

Play mini golf

Go to the driving range

Maybe switch it up and go for a breakfast date: a favorite of mine is at Tugboat Annie's they have a package where you can have a delicious breakfast and then rent a kayak for an hour. 


Picnic in the park followed by dessert somewhere fun:
  -Dilingers for their Whiskey Doughnut Bread Pudding with ice cream
- le Petit Maison for literally anything they make- it's all amazing
- Tugboat Annie's for a bananas foster-type yummy thing they do.
- Baskin-Robbins For an old fashioned ice cream date!

Explore new restaurants

And, yes, one time we even just sat in the car (granted it was pouring rain) and laughed at Facebook stuff together.

Enjoy exploring, and each other.

Much Love,

Do you suffer from Migraines?

We can help with massage!


Many of us suffer from migraines this day and age. They can be terrible enough to cause vomiting, light sensitivity, nausea, body aches and more. Let’s face it, when we feel a migraine hit, it can literally knock us down for the day.  We want to help you find a therapy that can help combat these nasty occurrences.

Massage Therapy can be a very effective therapy for migraine sufferers, not only does it relieve tension and muscle spasms but can improve blood flow and circulation. At Derma our massage therapists are trained in the following techniques to help you battle your migraine; Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue- Targeting deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues by using a combination of slower, more forceful strokes.

Trigger Point Therapy- Targeting hyper- irritable, tender tissue areas that can radiate pain to other parts of the body.  

With regular massage therapy we can help most people prevent and control the pain a migraine can knock you down with. Please call us. Our staff can help you navigate your schedule and get you in to see one of our amazing Licensed Massage Therapists.

40. She's Ready!



This is a turning point in many people's lives, a birthday that feels really big, and not everyone feels good about it. Here are Bessie's thoughts on turning 40:

"I'm proud of my age. When I think of how many hats I've worn in all that time, how many things I've set out to do, whether I've succeeded or not, they are measures of my life so far. They are reminders of how much has yet to happen, of how old and how young I am.

My feelings about aging have not changed, we wear our signs of aging like badges of honor, but not all. Some make us feel that we are looking older than we feel. I'm glad I don't look twenty years old, I'm glad it's believable that I'm 40. However, I'm proud that I look good for 40."


One of the most common questions Bessie gets on a daily basis is...
"What do you do?"

In the spirit of feeling fabulous at 40, she wanted to share her regimen.

  • Dysport everywhere
  • Restylane and Voluma fillers in her cheeks
  • SkinMedica Foaming Cleanser
  • Lytera 2.0
  • TNS Essential Serum
  • HA5
  • iLike Rosehip Whipped Moisturizer, sometimes she mixes in Hylunia Calming Face Oil.
  • iLike St. Johns Wort Eye Contour Cream

Happy Birthday

Dr. Bessie!

Dr. McCann Speaks on Filler vs. Sculptra

Filler vs. Sculptra:

OK here's the deal with these two products, they are both fabulous, and they do slightly different things.  They can be used together.  Here's how they work:

Fillers: These are a soft gel that we use to plump or smooth things.
The maximum effect is immediately after the procedure and then the filler dissolves very slowly over time.  It is great for lifting the
cheekbone, smoothing the creases around the nose and mouth, filling in lines across the forehead or in lines around the lips, and it is really the only thing I would personally use for plumping the lips.  It is very temporary, lasting anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on where and which filler you are using.  There tends to be swelling and bruising after using filler, and you can get lumps.

Sculptra: This is a different beast altogether. Sculptra is tiny
particles floating in water, and once these particles are under your
skin, they build new collagen. This causes the skin to smooth and
tighten, and if it is injected in larger amounts along, say, the
cheekbone, it will act like filler and lift the whole cheek.  It is like
filler in that it can be used to add fullness, but then it also has the
added benefit of reversing the aging process in the skin itself.  The
effect is amazing! You get sculpted cheeks and no more hollow temples, AND it tightens up and smooths the skin around your jaw line, mouth, and cheeks. Initially you see fullness from the water, but this goes away in a few days.  Then you wait about 2-4 months and Presto! Your face begins to lift up. You should get 1-2 more treatments for a real face-lifting affect. The collagen is being built rapidly and evenly, and you start to notice that you just look good! Nothing crazy or overdone, just nice and natural, and YOUNG.  It keeps looking better and better over 6 months. The effect lasts 2-5 YEARS. Yes, 2-5 years.  OMG.  I love this stuff.

What's a "Cheek Lift"?

One of the most common concerns that clients want to discuss is the lines around their mouth and nose, sometimes called "parentheses". Since sooooo many people want to know what to do about these, I thought I'd address it here.  This is a great thing to read while sitting in
front of the mirror, because if you have concerns about your "parentheses", you are going to want to see what I'm about to talk about.  One of the main reasons that we develop lines around our mouth, and a jowl for that matter, is because our face is literally falling
down.  Yes, I said it, our faces are melting off with age.  Truly though, with time we lose the fullness of our cheeks, and the apple of our cheek begins to slide down the face (look in the mirror, does your cheek look a bit flat on the front?). That pushes down around the mouth
and starts to cause creases to form around the mouth and nose.  In addition, our skin gets more relaxed with age, causing it to sag. One way to fix this is to put filler into those creases to help smooth them.  This is helpful but often doesn't last or doesn't have much of an effect.  The key is to get at the root of the problems:

-Lift the cheek back up: using filler, we can lift the cheek back into it's intended position and add a bit of fullness to the apple of the cheek, which looks AMAZING.  I can't even begin to explain the effect this has on your overall look, but I will try! It makes your eyes look more open, it contributes to a more heart-shaped face, it adds contour to the sides of the cheek, it makes you look like you've lost some weight, and takes away THAT TIRED LOOK. Seriously, it does all of that. Some people will still want or need a little filler in the creases around their mouth, but most will be tickled pink about the effect of a cheek lift all on its own.

-Tighten the skin: Using Sculptra, we can rebuild the collagen in your skin.  This tightens the skin and makes it look young and hydrated. This is a more advanced procedure, and requires a few treatments to get the best effect.

Back to the cheek... The next time you are looking in the mirror, put your finger tips on your cheekbones, about an inch from the hairline, and pull back just a little. Nice? Yeah

If you would like to chat more about your cheeks, or about anything else for that matter, schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. McCann or Lisa Davenport, R.N. 

We are here to answer any and all questions. Give us a call 360.350.5321


Acne is the pits!

Don't I know it! I, Dr. McCann, have struggled with adult acne for
several years, and this issue is dear to my heart.  I have put together
some treatments and products that have been instrumental for me in
controlling my own symptoms, and I hope they do the same for you. There
is a packege of treatments for every budget, so enjoy and "Get Clear"!

Taking Away the Evidence: Nothing feels quite as unfair as having to deal
with the texture and color changes in your skin well after the acne
itself is gone.  Many people suffer with these marks for their entire
lives and never realize that something can be done about it! Sublative
laser treatments were designed FOR ACNE SCARS.  It is a minimally
uncomfortable, fast, safe laser treatment that evens out skin tone,
smoothes texture, and even tightens the skin.  The most amazing results
are seen with a series of treatments and then occasional maintenance
treatments.  This package includes a series of 3 Sublative treatments
(done 1 month apart), and a set of physician-grade products that will
help you to continue your transformation. Using our AHA/BHA exfoliating
cleanser, AHA/BHA moisturizer, and my personal favorite product, Lytera,
you will maintain your Sublative results, prevent new acne, and continue
to wittle away at those acne scars.

Smooth it Out!: This package also treats acne scars and healed acne,
with the added benefits of encouraging new collagen in your skin, and
costing a bit less than the Sublative package.  Using microneedling,
your skin will be treated to a vigorous restructuring of texture and
permeability, and it only feels like a scrub! Hundreds of tiny little
needle points with introduce high-quality serum into your dermal layers,
triggering collagen production, hydration of the dry upper layers, and
reorganization of the scar fibers so that they can heal more smoothly
and evenly. This treatment gives you that healthy youthful glow and
treats scars. At home, you will continue these effects by using the
AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser, AHA/BHA moisturizer, and Lytera.  Don't
worry, we will make sure you know exactly how to use these top of the
line products!

Active Attack!: This package is for active and ongoing acne breakouts
(join the club!).  Receive regular intensive and personalized care with
3 Acne Facials which include High Frequency Treatments.  This amazing
technology, in the hands of our skilled estheticians, literally slams
the brakes on an active breakout.  It is not painful, and the results
are startlingly fresh.  (In fact, some clients come in just for a High
Frequency treatment in between their other appointments or right before
a big event to suppress their active acne).  You will have a choice of
which acne-fighting skin care bundle you wish to use: the
physician-grade SkinMedica kit, or the 100% organic anti-inflammatory
Hylunia kit.

Watermelon Margarita Popsicle's.... Yes Please...

Many of you asked for the recipe of the watermelon margarita Popsicle's from our Open House.. So here you go.

1- Add the watermelon in a blender. Throw 5 cups of de-seeded watermelon into the blender. (make sure no seeds remain)
2- Add 3/4 cup of lime juice, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of tequila.
3- Pour blended ingredients into mini solo cups, and place miniature spoons in the cup and place sliced lime on top.
4- Dip in Margarita salt and ENJOY! 

Dear Laser Clients

It's summer time and we want to remind you to be careful of sun exposure while doing laser treatments. Whether you are escaping to a tropical island or creating your own oasis in your backyard, we invite you to reschedule any laser appointment or even to put your laser membership on hold for the summer. Your safety is our number one priority.

We would also like to make mention that our new laser creates results at a deeper layer within the skin and because of this you may not see results right away. Please keep this in mind that all laser treatments are meant to be done in a series for optimal results.

Dr. McCann

Microblading... From a customers point of view!

Hi! My name is Amanda Berg and yes I am the Spa Director for Derma but I am also someone who has struggled with my eyebrows for years. I have had a few different issues, one of which was over plucking, next was that I pulled them out... (I really don't have a reason for this except for it was my stress reliever) and until recently, I did not understand the concept of an eyebrow pencil or tinting, thank goodness for Rachel and Stacey our Master Estheticians who took me under their wing and taught me all about my eyebrows. 

They both told me baby steps to get me right on track with these beasts. For any person that knows me knows that patience is not a strong suit of mine and watching my eyebrows grow was worse than watching paint dry. But I did it. I watched them grow, and grow and grow. But, I still had patches and I really got sick of the pencil. When I would work out I would sweat and wipe my eyebrow and would have to run to the bathroom and make sure I didn't wipe it all the way off. When I swam.. well you know .. It's not all waterproof.. The story just goes on...

Fast forward a few months (I can't imagine this life for years and years) I started exploring the permanent cosmetic route. Stacey is a true artist and if anyone was going to do this it would be her.  I mentioned to her that I was really nervous about the "permanent" part - So we decided to go the microblading route, it can last 1-3 years and it is looks like hair strokes. In other words, very natural. 

So... I am a great big baby when it comes to pain. I complain A LOT. Naturally I was really nervous about this. I even had my husband come with me. (He ended up just filming me rather than support lol) Guys.. I am not even exaggerating when I say I didn't feel a thing. Stacey numbed it before she started and then throughout the whole time. The only weird part about the whole process was the sound.. It sounded almost like Velcro.  From start to finish it was about an hour.. The only part of the process that was just a tiny bit uncomfortable was when she cleaned the brow at the end. After the numbing wore off that day it was pretty tender. Not as tender as a new tattoo but tender. I decided to take an ibuprofen ( This is not a recommendation as I am not a Doctor, clearly just explaining what I did) and within the hour it felt completely normal. 

This was one week ago. During the last week I keep applying petroleum to make sure it stays moist. It has itched some and there was one day where they looked pretty pink and blotchy. But I woke up the next day and they were great. 

I have a follow up scheduled for a month and she will fill in a few places but other than that I am good to go! NO MORE PENCIL!

Would I recommend this procedure? YES! Am I in love with my eyebrows? YES!

Before and after photos coming soon as well as a video (remember my husband was video taping)! Stay Tuned!

Now offering Sublative

As many of you know we have upgraded our Laser to the ElosPlus. One of the many benefits to upgrading to this laser is the new service that we can offer, Sublative. Which is the professional skin rejuvenation treatment and acne scar treatment.

For many of us, skin imperfections can impact self confidence. often, people considering facial rejuvenation procedures are inhibited by high cost, pain, downtime and side effects. Sublative skin treatments are an ideal solution! Sublative effectively targets the skin’s imperfections while offering the following advantages:

— Effective treatment for wrinkles and acne scars

— treatment in less than an hour

— Minimal downtime — Affordable

— Comfortable, non-surgical procedure

— Safe and effective on all skin types

Sublative is neither laser- nor light-based. instead, this one-of - a-kind technology uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency (RF), precisely directed to the skin in the form of a matrix. healthy skin around the matrix dots accelerates the healing process. Post treatment, new collagen and healthy skin cells are produced, reducing acne scars, mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolorations while creating smoother and more elastic skin texture.

What to expect:

For best results, expect 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. the total number of sessions depends on your skin’s condition. Some patients report a warm, prickly sensation as energy enters their skin. Following treatment, a pink or red flush resembling a minor sunburn is common. Topical anesthetic ointments and cooling gels may be used to reduce discomfort during treatment.

What is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling is an incredible procedure to help the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give you younger looking skin with fewer signs of aging. This procedure can also have a positive effect on the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars and stretch marks and create a fresher appearance or glow to the skin. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

What device do we use to perform this treatment?

We use the Eclipse MicroPen.


What parts of the body can this procedure be done on?

Eclipse MicroPen can be used on all parts of the body; face, neck, decollete, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back. 


What does it feel like?

It feels similar to light sandpaper being moved across the skin. While some areas are more sensitive than others.

What is the downtime?

Immediately after the treatment you will notice a bright redness to the skin. On average, clients are red up to 2 to 4 days. Some patients heal completely in as little as 24 hours.  

When will I see results?

Patients notice an immediate "glow" to their skin. Visible changes to the skin develop over the course of several days and weeks. Results continue to improve up to 6 months after the treatment as collagen production continues. 

How many treatments are needed?

Some patients only require a single treatment, once per year to achieve optimal results. However, it is recommended for most patients to receive a series of 2-3 treatments spaced about 6-8 weeks apart. For patients with deep wrinkles, advanced photo-aging, stretch marks or acne scars we may recommend 6-8 sessions at 6 week intervals. 


What is Dermaplaning?

We are excited to offer many new services at our NEW Derma location. One of which is Dermaplaning. You have heard the hype about this new treatment and may be wondering what it is and is it something you should do.

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).

What are the benefits of dermaplaning? This procedure helps increase the absorption of topical products and can immediately diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermaplaning also primes your skin for a chemical peel. Thus, creating healthier and a more radiant appearance. 

Commonly asked questions:

Can you do this when you are pregnant or nursing? 

YES! This is actually something you can do when you are pregnant or nursing. This is great for pregnant or nursing women who want a deep exfoliation. We just wouldn't follow up with a peel.

Does it hurt?


Can you do this procedure if you are on blood thinners?

Clients on blood thinners or those with uncontrolled diabetes should not have this procedure done. 

Can I go in to the sun after this treatment?

The skin will be more sensitive to the sun and other topical treatments after this procedure. Sunscreen MUST be worn for at least two weeks following the treatment. 



Derma Open House December 10th 10-6pm

Are you coming to the Derma Open House on Thursday? We are excited to show you our new beautiful home! To sweeten the experience we have incredible offers, delectable treats,FREE hand treatments, FREE 10 min chair massages andFREE espresso drinks. This is a great opportunity to meet our new providers and get a feel for Puget Sound's Premier Medical Spa. 

Open House Specials

  • Schedule a Spa Service at our Open House and receive a treatment area of Dysport FREE! (Spa Service includes: Facials, Massage, Microneedling, Peels, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs)
  • For every one syringe of Voluma purchased, get one treatment area of Botox FREE! *Up to 20 units. 
  • $10 off any product or service 
  • Enter to WIN Botox for a year
  • Enter to WIN a Full Filler treatment (Restylane, or Restylane Lift | up to 6 syringes)
  • Buy a $100 gift card and we will give you $25
  • Buy a $200 gift card and we will give you $50
  • Buy a $300 gift card and we will give you $75

This is definitely an event you do not want to miss! Get your holiday shopping done at Derma!


Dr. McCann speaks more on Fillers..

 What else can we do with FILLERS?

We are still going with this series of blogs talking about fillers.  There so much we can do with them!  This time we are talking about WRINKLES.

Do you have a wrinkle or wrinkles that stubbornly won’t go away? Maybe you’ve tried Botox already, high quality skin care, laser, or a variety of other solutions and it just won’t budge!

Belotero is a filler, made of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, that is particularly soft and gentle. It is the perfect tool to fill in lines on the face that refuse to go away by other means.  The process involves injecting tiny bits of the filler directly under the line to lift it back up to the normal surface.

For example, some people have a particularly deep crease between their eyebrows, and even with Botox it won’t go away- Belotero!  Some people have “smokers line” (which are hereditary by the way) that are bothersome despite other measures- Belotero! Some people have deep lines going across their forehead that are not disappearing with Botox- Belotero!  Perhaps you have a scar on your face that really bothers you whenever you see it in the mirror- Belotero!!!!

This simple procedure can soften and reduce the appearance of lines and scars right before your eyes!  It lasts 6-9 months!!

Dr. McCann Speaks on Fillers

Hi Ya’ll! This is the second in a series of write ups I am doing about all the amazing things we can do with fillers.  I feel like most people out there don’t know what’s possible with fillers, and therefore don’t realize that we can change things that they thought they’d have to live with forever. So this week let’s talk about cheeks!

Over time, most of us feel we start to look more tired.  We notice drooping of the skin on either side of our nose, sagging or dark areas beneath the eyes, and an overall downward trend of the front of our faces! Say it ain’t so!   Much of this is due to the apple of our cheek sliding down the front of the face.  Literally the cheek is falling! This often contributes to loss of a soft rounded cheek, loss of the look of high cheekbones, and often increased drooping lower down on the face. Look in the mirror, yes, right now.  Just to either side of your nose, is it flat? Does it look better when you smile? Do you still have the soft rounded cheek of your youth? You may be experiencing this sliding phenomenon.  It’s quite common, and using fillers, this can be treated.

Using the fillers Radiesse or Voluma, we can add support and fullness to your cheek to lift it to a more youthful position.  This is only minimally uncomfortable and you see the effect right away!  There is usually minimal if any bruising, and only minimal swelling for a few days. Radiesse is a mineral based filler, and lasts for a whole year. Voluma is Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body, a bit more expensive, but it lasts 2 YEARS!!!  The effect of this treatment is simply stunning.  Without making you look like a different person.  Look years younger in minutes.  It simply doesn’t get better than this!

3025 Limited Lane NW | Suite 100 | Olympia WA 98502 | 360.350.5321 |