Permanent Make-Up


Are you a busy woman? Do you get tired of putting on make up everyday? Or do you have sensitive skin and cannot wear make up? Perhaps you have noticed the color of your lips
or eyebrows fade with time? Permanent cosmetics may be your solution. More and more people are enjoying the
benefits of permanent cosmetics.

We include two follow-up appointments to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new look. Your comfort is our main concern, therefore, we use a two- step numbing process with a topical ointment. You are completely numb and only feel vibration from the machine while applying the ink. Results will last years. 

Our Master Esthetician Stacey Kalkus has been performing permanent cosmetics for eight years. She can offer permanent or semi permanent options for you. We offer free consults to find out the best option for you. 

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*Disclaimer- if you do not receive a confirmation email of your appointment, please call our office at 360.350.5321 to make sure your appointment was scheduled.


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