New Massage Memberships

Deep Tissue Membership:

- Pay $80 a month and receive one 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage.

Fun perks to the membership:

-If you book an additional 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage in the month you pay $60.

-Any other massage add on or massage service received in the month receive 20% Off. 

Swedish Massage Membership:

- Pay $70 a month and receive one 60 minute Swedish Massage.

Fun perks to the membership:

-If you book an additional 60 minute Swedish Massage in the month you pay $50.

-Any other massage add on or massage service received in the month receive 20% Off. 


-Massages and discounts are non- transferable to any other person.

-Massages can be carried over month - to - month.

-If you cancel your membership you have 30 days from the cancellation date to use up any accrued massages. After 30 days, any "unused" massages will be forfeited. 

       The Derma Signature Massage  (120 min)

Embrace the calm with this luxurious two hour treatment. Awake your senses with a sugar scrub featuring a nutmeg and clove scent. Then indulge in a one and a half hour relaxing massage as well as a hydrating face mask. This DERMA experience is rejuvenating and perfect for anybody.

                       Swedish Massage  (60 min or 90 min)

$80 or $120
Relax and revitalize your body and soul with long gliding strokes that incorporate light and medium pressure with oils and lotions. This massage improves circulation, increases range of motion, and decreases muscle tension. Surrender your body to the benefits of a comforting

        Hot Stone Massage  (90 min)

Escape and melt away your tension with a hot stone massage. This relaxing treatment uses basalt stones to improve circulation, alleviate stress, relieve pain and release toxins. You can also choose deep tissue for more resistant tense muscles.

                   Deep Tissue/ Injury treatment (60 min or 90 min)

$90 or $130
This deep tissue massage technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. This is used commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.
We now accept L&I and Personal Injury. Our Licensed Massage Therapists are certified and trained in also targeting specific areas of concern. We can help with the following: Migraine Treatment | TMJ Dysfunction | Therapeutic Stretching | Thoracic Stetching | Frozen Shoulder | Neck Strain | Carpel Tunnel Syndrome | Sciatic Nerve Pain | Hamstring/ Quad Strain | Sinus Drainage | Tennis Elbow/ Golfers Elbow | Low Back Pain | IT Band Dysfunction | Planter Fasciitis


      Sports Massage  (60 min)

This massage integrates stretching techniques for lengthening tight muscles, increasing flexibility and range of
motion. Sports massage is perfect for pre and post events.

              Prenatal Massage  (60 min or 90 min)

$80 or $120
This luxurious massage is done while lying on your side with supportive pillows to help Mom relax her aching muscles and relieve some of the stresses of pregnancy. It helps increase circulation to Mom and baby resulting in more energy for mom as well as nutrients for baby. Prenatal massage can also help the awareness in Moms’ body making her less prone to injury. This type of massage can also help with swelling that Mom may have in her legs and feet, relieving more stress from her body. 




Through gentle exfoliation, nutrient- filled lotions and relaxing massage, you will emerge from our body treatments relaxed and with smooth, revived skin. Our body treatments are designed to restore and improve the condition of your skin. We use the finest therapeutic and natural botanical products to detoxify and hydrate while purifying and balancing the entire body.

        Body Scrubs  (45 min)

Embrace yourself with a full body scrub that exfoliates and hydrates your skin with oils. All body scrubs have a rich, moisturizing base, which provides needed hydration to your skin. Also, the removal of dead skin cells increases your skins ability to absorb moisture. Scrubs may be done on their own or added to any massage. Choose between:

Coffee: helps decrease cellulite and tighten skin.

Epsom salt: delivers minerals while exfoliating and  hydrating the skin.

Sugar: a sweet treat for your senses that gently exfoliates and brightens skin.

Body Wraps


A total body wrap starts with 10 minutes of
exfoliation. Then the real pampering begins with the application of the wrap which is left on for a half hour then gently removed with hot moist towels. While wrapped in luxurious heat, you will receive an amazing scalp and face massage. Body wraps may be scheduled on their own.

We have a variety of body wraps that change with the seasons. Please discuss with your provider which one will be best for you. 

Face Masks


Face masks may be added to any massage.

Apple and Lemon Gel Mask

Immerse your skin in the power of vitamin C. Brighten and hydrate a dull complexion with this impressive mask.

Pumpkin and Orange Face/Body Mask

Give your skin what it needs with this nourishing, therapeutic treatment. Pumpkin and orange penetrate perfectly to deliver complete hydration for thirsty skin.

Sea Body Mud Mask

Known to draw out impurities, healing minerals in high concentration will detoxify and firm your skin while adding deep hydration.

*do not use this service if you are allergic to shellfish* 

*Disclaimer- if you do not receive a confirmation email of your appointment, please call our office at 360.350.5321 to make sure your appointment was scheduled.


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