Stacey Kalkus- master esthetician

Favorite skin care product: Hylunia's Beyond C serum and Facial Day lotion

Favorite Movie: To many to choose just one!

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Vacation: Kauai

Why did you choose Cosmetology: I chose Cosmetology 25 years ago because I have always had a passion for making people look and feel amazing about themselves from the inside out. This industry has allowed me to do just that and I have been able to further my education with advanced classes and certifications such as Master Esthetician, Permanent Cosmetic Specialist and also my instructors license for the entire industry.

Favorite Treatment you do: Oh there can't be just one for me.... I love it all!

Where did you graduate: Lacey Beauty College, Permanent Cosmetics with Annette Richardson, Centralia College

Children: My son Garret is 16 and my daughter Allison is 9

Pets: 1 dog, 2 cats, 10 chickens

3025 Limited Lane NW | Suite 100 | Olympia WA 98502 | 360.350.5321 |

Monday 10am-6pm | Tues- Friday 10am - 8pm | Saturday 10am-6pm | Sunday reserved from private parties