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Microblading... From a customers point of view!

Hi! My name is Amanda Berg and yes I am the Spa Director for Derma but I am also someone who has struggled with my eyebrows for years. I have had a few different issues, one of which was over plucking, next was that I pulled them out... (I really don't have a reason for this except for it was my stress reliever) and until recently, I did not understand the concept of an eyebrow pencil or tinting, thank goodness for Rachel and Stacey our Master Estheticians who took me under their wing and taught me all about my eyebrows. 

They both told me baby steps to get me right on track with these beasts. For any person that knows me knows that patience is not a strong suit of mine and watching my eyebrows grow was worse than watching paint dry. But I did it. I watched them grow, and grow and grow. But, I still had patches and I really got sick of the pencil. When I would work out I would sweat and wipe my eyebrow and would have to run to the bathroom and make sure I didn't wipe it all the way off. When I swam.. well you know .. It's not all waterproof.. The story just goes on...

Fast forward a few months (I can't imagine this life for years and years) I started exploring the permanent cosmetic route. Stacey is a true artist and if anyone was going to do this it would be her.  I mentioned to her that I was really nervous about the "permanent" part - So we decided to go the microblading route, it can last 1-3 years and it is looks like hair strokes. In other words, very natural. 

So... I am a great big baby when it comes to pain. I complain A LOT. Naturally I was really nervous about this. I even had my husband come with me. (He ended up just filming me rather than support lol) Guys.. I am not even exaggerating when I say I didn't feel a thing. Stacey numbed it before she started and then throughout the whole time. The only weird part about the whole process was the sound.. It sounded almost like Velcro.  From start to finish it was about an hour.. The only part of the process that was just a tiny bit uncomfortable was when she cleaned the brow at the end. After the numbing wore off that day it was pretty tender. Not as tender as a new tattoo but tender. I decided to take an ibuprofen ( This is not a recommendation as I am not a Doctor, clearly just explaining what I did) and within the hour it felt completely normal. 

This was one week ago. During the last week I keep applying petroleum to make sure it stays moist. It has itched some and there was one day where they looked pretty pink and blotchy. But I woke up the next day and they were great. 

I have a follow up scheduled for a month and she will fill in a few places but other than that I am good to go! NO MORE PENCIL!

Would I recommend this procedure? YES! Am I in love with my eyebrows? YES!

Before and after photos coming soon as well as a video (remember my husband was video taping)! Stay Tuned!

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