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Dr. McCann Speaks on Filler vs. Sculptra

Filler vs. Sculptra:

OK here's the deal with these two products, they are both fabulous, and they do slightly different things.  They can be used together.  Here's how they work:

Fillers: These are a soft gel that we use to plump or smooth things.
The maximum effect is immediately after the procedure and then the filler dissolves very slowly over time.  It is great for lifting the
cheekbone, smoothing the creases around the nose and mouth, filling in lines across the forehead or in lines around the lips, and it is really the only thing I would personally use for plumping the lips.  It is very temporary, lasting anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on where and which filler you are using.  There tends to be swelling and bruising after using filler, and you can get lumps.

Sculptra: This is a different beast altogether. Sculptra is tiny
particles floating in water, and once these particles are under your
skin, they build new collagen. This causes the skin to smooth and
tighten, and if it is injected in larger amounts along, say, the
cheekbone, it will act like filler and lift the whole cheek.  It is like
filler in that it can be used to add fullness, but then it also has the
added benefit of reversing the aging process in the skin itself.  The
effect is amazing! You get sculpted cheeks and no more hollow temples, AND it tightens up and smooths the skin around your jaw line, mouth, and cheeks. Initially you see fullness from the water, but this goes away in a few days.  Then you wait about 2-4 months and Presto! Your face begins to lift up. You should get 1-2 more treatments for a real face-lifting affect. The collagen is being built rapidly and evenly, and you start to notice that you just look good! Nothing crazy or overdone, just nice and natural, and YOUNG.  It keeps looking better and better over 6 months. The effect lasts 2-5 YEARS. Yes, 2-5 years.  OMG.  I love this stuff.

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