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Botox Parties

Have the luxury of Dr. McCann & co. travel to your home/office and provide Botox, Fillers, Vitamin B12 shots, Spider Vein Treatment, Sculptra & Kybella for you and all your friends.

*These parties are a great way to receive services. You are in a fun environment, a cheering section built in and you get to watch amazing results happen right in front of you! Many hosts provide food & beverages for their guests and have many laughs and make it a PARTY!*

host Benefits

If 5-9 of your guests receive services - YOU as a host receive 50% off your Botox 

If 10 or more receive services- as a host you will receive Botox FREE or you can choose 50% off one syringe of filler!

Our parties are held on Wednesdays ONLY.

Here are the logistics…

To schedule party a $300 deposit is required.

Over 30 miles, There is a $1 a mile charge.

If 10 or more people receive services, we refund the $300 in full (or you can use it towards services).

If 6-9 people receive services, we will refund $150.

1-5 people receive services a concierge fee of $300 will be charged. (your full deposit will be levied) 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your Botox party, we require 7 days’ notice. If 7 days’ notice is not given, your full deposit will be levied. 

To schedule your Botox Party, please fill out this request form.

Name *
Phone *
Location of Botox Party *
Location of Botox Party
If location is over 30 miles from Derma Medical Spa, we charge $1.00 per mile.
Please provide 2-3 different dates you are interested in for your party. We only have parties on Wednesday and Thursdays.
By submitting this form you understand a $300 deposit is required. If 10 or more individuals receive services then the $300 will be refunded, or you may use it towards your services. If 6-9 people receive services, a $150 refund will be issued. If 1-5 people recieve servies a concierge fee of $300 will be levied. (We will deduct it from your deposit). We require a minimum of 7 days to cancel or reschedule your appointment, in the event 7 days' notice is not given, your full deposit will be levied. If you agree to these terms please type yes in the box.
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Who referred you?

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