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L & I Claims

If you are injured on the job we can bill Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L & I) for your medical massage therapy. In order to be eligible for benefits you must report a work injury to your employer and follow the guidelines set forth by the Department of Labor and Industries. Please fill out our L&I form before arriving for your first appointment. You will need the following information prior to your first appointment. 

  • Date of Injury

  • Claim #

  • Nature of Injury

  • Claim Manager Name & phone number

  • Whether or not you have been receiving any other benefits

  • Work Status.

  • Need to provide prescription from your physician

Upon your request, Derma Medical Spa provides courtesy billing to the state as well as your insurance provider for your services. If for any reason, benefits are denied or delayed for services that have been provided, you will be billed for the balance on the account. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

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To download an L & I form please click here

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