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Dr. McCann speaks more on Fillers..

 What else can we do with FILLERS?

We are still going with this series of blogs talking about fillers.  There so much we can do with them!  This time we are talking about WRINKLES.

Do you have a wrinkle or wrinkles that stubbornly won’t go away? Maybe you’ve tried Botox already, high quality skin care, laser, or a variety of other solutions and it just won’t budge!

Belotero is a filler, made of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, that is particularly soft and gentle. It is the perfect tool to fill in lines on the face that refuse to go away by other means.  The process involves injecting tiny bits of the filler directly under the line to lift it back up to the normal surface.

For example, some people have a particularly deep crease between their eyebrows, and even with Botox it won’t go away- Belotero!  Some people have “smokers line” (which are hereditary by the way) that are bothersome despite other measures- Belotero! Some people have deep lines going across their forehead that are not disappearing with Botox- Belotero!  Perhaps you have a scar on your face that really bothers you whenever you see it in the mirror- Belotero!!!!

This simple procedure can soften and reduce the appearance of lines and scars right before your eyes!  It lasts 6-9 months!!

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