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Help your skin turn over a new leaf. Remove dead skin cell, increase hydration, improve texture and even your skin tone

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Increase your skins glow and radiance while tightening the skin and restoring a more youthful appearance with this SkinMedica Peel. This gentle peel is great for your first time chemical peel and has little or no visible peeling. Perfect just before a big event or special weekend.




Take years off with The Vitalize Peel. This peel combats sun damage as well as dark spots, melasma, and texture issues, leaving your skin smooth, even, glowing and youthful. This is a very effective peel and you will see visible improvements after one treatment. Peeling usually lasts 3- 4 days. This is our most popular peel.




Rejuvenize Peel is an advanced formulation of peeling agents, with a built-in anti-irritant and penetration enhancer that provides controlled exfoliation of the damaged layers of the skin to reveal fresher and healthier skin. Peeling usually lasts 4-6 days.  This is our most powerful peel and may not be appropriate for all skin types. 

vitamin c peel


This amazing treatment will tone, lift, and firm the skin while helping to combat harsh environmental aggressors. Skin will be radiant and will have an air brushed finish after just one treatment. 

now introducing the paleopeel

As the only office in Washington to offer this service, we are proud to announce the arrival of the PaleoPeel. No down time. Painless. Elemental ingredients that synergistically work with your skin’s natural healing properties to give you vibrant, glowing, smooth like you’ve never felt before skin. Our estheticians will customize your treatment to suit your needs. This peel is so advanced that you are required to have a consultation with one of our physicians prior to your treatment.  

Be one of the first in Washington to experience this extraordinary new approach to skin resurfacing.

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