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Acne is the pits!

Don't I know it! I, Dr. McCann, have struggled with adult acne for
several years, and this issue is dear to my heart.  I have put together
some treatments and products that have been instrumental for me in
controlling my own symptoms, and I hope they do the same for you. There
is a packege of treatments for every budget, so enjoy and "Get Clear"!

Taking Away the Evidence: Nothing feels quite as unfair as having to deal
with the texture and color changes in your skin well after the acne
itself is gone.  Many people suffer with these marks for their entire
lives and never realize that something can be done about it! Sublative
laser treatments were designed FOR ACNE SCARS.  It is a minimally
uncomfortable, fast, safe laser treatment that evens out skin tone,
smoothes texture, and even tightens the skin.  The most amazing results
are seen with a series of treatments and then occasional maintenance
treatments.  This package includes a series of 3 Sublative treatments
(done 1 month apart), and a set of physician-grade products that will
help you to continue your transformation. Using our AHA/BHA exfoliating
cleanser, AHA/BHA moisturizer, and my personal favorite product, Lytera,
you will maintain your Sublative results, prevent new acne, and continue
to wittle away at those acne scars.

Smooth it Out!: This package also treats acne scars and healed acne,
with the added benefits of encouraging new collagen in your skin, and
costing a bit less than the Sublative package.  Using microneedling,
your skin will be treated to a vigorous restructuring of texture and
permeability, and it only feels like a scrub! Hundreds of tiny little
needle points with introduce high-quality serum into your dermal layers,
triggering collagen production, hydration of the dry upper layers, and
reorganization of the scar fibers so that they can heal more smoothly
and evenly. This treatment gives you that healthy youthful glow and
treats scars. At home, you will continue these effects by using the
AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser, AHA/BHA moisturizer, and Lytera.  Don't
worry, we will make sure you know exactly how to use these top of the
line products!

Active Attack!: This package is for active and ongoing acne breakouts
(join the club!).  Receive regular intensive and personalized care with
3 Acne Facials which include High Frequency Treatments.  This amazing
technology, in the hands of our skilled estheticians, literally slams
the brakes on an active breakout.  It is not painful, and the results
are startlingly fresh.  (In fact, some clients come in just for a High
Frequency treatment in between their other appointments or right before
a big event to suppress their active acne).  You will have a choice of
which acne-fighting skin care bundle you wish to use: the
physician-grade SkinMedica kit, or the 100% organic anti-inflammatory
Hylunia kit.

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