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What's a "Cheek Lift"?

One of the most common concerns that clients want to discuss is the lines around their mouth and nose, sometimes called "parentheses". Since sooooo many people want to know what to do about these, I thought I'd address it here.  This is a great thing to read while sitting in
front of the mirror, because if you have concerns about your "parentheses", you are going to want to see what I'm about to talk about.  One of the main reasons that we develop lines around our mouth, and a jowl for that matter, is because our face is literally falling
down.  Yes, I said it, our faces are melting off with age.  Truly though, with time we lose the fullness of our cheeks, and the apple of our cheek begins to slide down the face (look in the mirror, does your cheek look a bit flat on the front?). That pushes down around the mouth
and starts to cause creases to form around the mouth and nose.  In addition, our skin gets more relaxed with age, causing it to sag. One way to fix this is to put filler into those creases to help smooth them.  This is helpful but often doesn't last or doesn't have much of an effect.  The key is to get at the root of the problems:

-Lift the cheek back up: using filler, we can lift the cheek back into it's intended position and add a bit of fullness to the apple of the cheek, which looks AMAZING.  I can't even begin to explain the effect this has on your overall look, but I will try! It makes your eyes look more open, it contributes to a more heart-shaped face, it adds contour to the sides of the cheek, it makes you look like you've lost some weight, and takes away THAT TIRED LOOK. Seriously, it does all of that. Some people will still want or need a little filler in the creases around their mouth, but most will be tickled pink about the effect of a cheek lift all on its own.

-Tighten the skin: Using Sculptra, we can rebuild the collagen in your skin.  This tightens the skin and makes it look young and hydrated. This is a more advanced procedure, and requires a few treatments to get the best effect.

Back to the cheek... The next time you are looking in the mirror, put your finger tips on your cheekbones, about an inch from the hairline, and pull back just a little. Nice? Yeah

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