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Is exercise ok?

Dr. McCann speaks on exercise!

Many people ask if it is okay to exercise after having Dysport/Botox, fillers, or other spa treatments. So here is a guide to help you!


It is recommended to not exercise for 3 days after. I ask that you wait at least 24 hours. 


Wait 24 hours. 


There is no safety or other medical reason not to exercise, but it may make it much more flushed and feel irritated. I would wait until the next day!


No restrictions, however, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 24 -48 hours.


If you are having a peel during your facial, I would wait until the next day to exercise. Otherwise no restrictions. 

Permanent makeup: 

No excessive sweating for a minimum of 2 days for eyebrows.


No excessive sweating for a minimum of 2 days.

Hope this helps!

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