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Having Dysport/Botox done or fillers can cause bruises. Even ultherapy and microneedling can do it, although rarely. So what can you do to minimize this?

About 1 week before, stop taking ibuprofen, fish oil, or omegas. If you take blood thinners or aspirin for your health, then DO NOT STOP taking these prior to your cosmetic procedure. You will bruise more, but it is better to stay safe by continuing to take those medicines for other health reasons.

You can also purchase Arnica tablets at the pharmacy (over the counter) and take them 3-4 times per day for 3-4 days before your procedure. Then continue for 3-4 days after.

Last but not least, we carry a concealer that is MADE FOR COVERING BRUISES. Seriously, this stuff will cover anything. It comes in a ton of shades, and we can match your color right here in the spa so you will be well-equipped to hide the evidence!!

Bruises happen. It's a lousy reality we must accept in this industry. Hopefully these tips will get you through!!!

-Dr. Bessie

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